San Agustín Internacional Hotel in San Agustín (Huila)

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San Agustín Internacional Hotel
San Agustín Internacional Hotel
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San Agustin International Hotel is located in the middle of a spectacular natural setting, ideal to relax and enjoy the weather and landscape site. Its varied architecture, with designs from around the world, where also stands the ancient culture, invites you to dream, to convey the thoughts and to reflect on the value of cultural diversity. This beautiful hotel, planned every step different artistic details, which give the greatest importance to beauty.

Thinking of humanity, the hotel has sustainable practices that give a predominant value to water resource. Thus, as with sustainable management, has brought together the components: Art, Architecture, and Nature, which accompanied by the warm service, are its added value.

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Carrera 19 - Calle 2ª Esquina - San Agustín (Huila)